Nonprofit Organizations

The nonprofit organizations practice at Robbins May & Rich LLP provides services to a wide range of nonprofit organizations and associations.  We assist nonprofit organizations in their adaptation to the current regulatory environment in which their tax-exempt status is subject to increased scrutiny from federal and state regulatory authorities.  

Our services to nonprofit organizations include qualification of organizations as tax-exempt under the Internal Revenue Code, advice as to unrelated business taxable income, private benefit transactions, and inurement prohibitions, orientation meetings for new board members, assistance regarding exemptions for various state and local property and sales taxes, and advice as to other compliance matters under federal law and best management practices.  The firm further assists nonprofit organizations in planning corporate and business transactions to preserve tax-exempt status and to comply with the requirements of state and federal law.

We  also serve the nonprofit sector through presentation of lectures and seminars for nonprofit board members and professional staff, instruction at continuing education programs for attorneys, accountants and other professionals, and, of course, service as directors and officers of nonprofit entities.

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