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Robbins May & Rich LLP is committed to its founding set of values. We concentrate our abilities and resources on our clients and their interests at all times, combining high standards of professionalism with an understanding of their businesses, in order to help them solve their problems and surmount their challenges

  • We pursue excellence in our professional lives, aiming to deliver quality, innovation, and consistency in our practice
  • We hold ourselves to high ethical standards, believing in uncompromising integrity
  • We emphasize teamwork, joining effectiveness with cohesion and collegiality
  • We value energy, working hard and striving to excel in our undertakings
  • We believe that our pursuit of these values is fundamental to why our clients rely on our services.
It is our experience that our clients are generally more interested in clear and candid advice than lengthy legal memoranda, and, further, that our strategic counsel must not only add value, but be cost-effective as well.   We also recognize that, in many situations, our clients engage us to maintain or to advance their economic interests.  We therefore believe that it is imperative that we appreciate the business context of our advice as well as its practical consequences upon our clients’ businesses and personal lives.
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